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Arslan Eqbal

Arslan Eqbal

Arslan Eqbal is working as a Research Associate- Data and AI/ML in CloudThat. He has delivered many successful AI and Data Science projects and is a technology enthusiast. He is also involved in building Data pipelines and worked on modeling using Machine learning, Deep Learning, and many other advanced technologies.

Data Pre-Processing Using SageMaker Data Wrangler – Part 1

Posted on November 17, 2022 by Arslan Eqbal | Comments(0)

Nowadays, With the increment in the production of a vast variety of data from multiple resources inside the pipelines, the preprocessing steps to manage those amounts of data are also tough in the pipelines. So, to handle the preprocessing steps, Amazon SageMaker has a working functionality to preprocess the data which is known as SageMaker Data Wrangler. With the help of Data Wrangler, we can handle the vast amount of data in the pipeline itself, we just need to set up the flow of the preprocessing steps inside the Data Wrangler service.

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