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Ijaz Haider

Ijaz works as a Full Stack Developer at CloudThat, managing admin dashboard, website server-side code for the CloudAttack game app. He is a backend developer currently working in Sharp Software. He is interested to read about research on the latest tech and problem-solving in javascript and likes to read and write tech blogs.

Introducing AWS ElastiCache – A Fully Managed Caching Service By Amazon

Posted on March 24, 2022 by Ijaz Haider | Comments(0)

Caching means frequently storing demanded things closer to those asking for them. The book “Algorithm to Live By” explains caching with a library scenario. Suppose we need to read a book and it would take a week to complete it. We cannot make daily travel to the library to access the book. We would borrow it for a week or buy it entirely and keep it on our desk to have daily access.

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