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Imraan Pattan

Imraan Pattan

Imraan is a Software Developer working with CloudThat Technologies. He has worked on Python Projects using the Flask framework. He is interested in participating in competitive programming challenges and Hackathons. He loves programming and likes to explore different functionalities for creating backend applications.

Uploading Files To AWS S3 Bucket From Html-Form Using A Python CGI Script

Posted on March 20, 2022 by Imraan Pattan | Comments(0)

In this blog, we will discuss the traditional way of handling web forms using python with an example: uploading a file to AWS S3 using python boto3 package and python CGI package. AWS S3 is a cloud service used to store static files in AWS. To upload any file to the S3 bucket, we need to log in to the AWS management console and open the S3 console.

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