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Paramita Dey is a Technical Content Writer at CloudThat. She is a keen observer, creative thinker and a passionate writer who loves writing about emerging technologies. With over 6+ years of experience in content writing, she has the proven knowledge and expertise essential to transforming a company’s digital presence with innovative content pieces.

The Tech Talent Shortage: Its Impact on Businesses and the Solution

Posted on August 8, 2022 by Paramita Dey | Comments(0)

Did you know that according to the Kon Ferry report, by 2030, more than 85 million jobs will go unfulfilled due to a lack of skilled people who can fit into those positions?Tech skills are indispensable and imperative for an organization’s growth and success. With tech advancements making their way into the workplace, a report states that 36% of global companies are struggling to identify and recruit skilled tech workers for existing job positions and are unable to deliver projects on time and achieve business targets. This blog post illustrates in steps the way to come out of tech talent shortage.

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Top 5 Benefits of Upskilling and Reskilling Your Employees

Posted on August 1, 2022 by Paramita Dey | Comments(1)

With the world waking up to a new tech discovery every day, with the rising increase of future work prospects, it has become imperative for organizations to keep their employee skills up to date to constantly adapt to the changing market dynamics. While tech advancements have helped create more business opportunities, it has widened the skill gap.  According to recent statistics, more than 50% of employees will need to upgrade their skills in the next five years to fit into the evolving job roles and meet skill requirements. 87% of McKinsey Global Survey respondents agreed that they are already experiencing gaps now or are expecting them within a few years. These alarming statistics emphasize why upskilling employees is the only solution to bridge the dreadful skill gap that has been slowing down tech innovation and digital transformation of almost every organization today. 

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Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Must Conduct Internal Hackathons

Posted on July 22, 2022 by Paramita Dey | Comments(0)

In today’s age, where technical innovation is paramount for enterprises of all sizes, hackathons are a perfect way to innovate to stay ahead of the curve. Out of the 1000+ hackathons conducted annually around the globe, 48.5% of them are conducted by private companies considering the many benefits hackathons offer businesses. 

How Employee Upskilling Can Help Overcome Cloud Adoption Challenges

Posted on July 18, 2022 by Paramita Dey | Comments(1)

With 90% of organizations adopting cloud in some or other capacity, Cloud computing has evolved from being just a buzzword into an industry estimated to reach a global market value of trillion dollars by 2026. Rapid advancements in IT infrastructure services, emerging technologies, and the radical shift to remote work culture in the wake of the pandemic has contributed towards an increase in enterprise cloud adoption manifold in the last few years.

Top 5 Benefits of Upskilling Your Employees in 2022 & Beyond

Posted on March 31, 2022 by Paramita Dey | Comments(0)

It is challenging for companies to keep up with technological advancements. While technology helps create business opportunities, it also leads to a growing skill gap as the demand for skilled workers soars up to meet the new age job requirements. The shortage of IT talent is a leading corporate concern, with 86% of respondents believing it will continue to slow down the cloud and other tech projects. For 79% of CEOs, a lack of essential skills within their existing employee base is a threat to growth, as per the 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey, PwC.  The question arises: How can employers bridge this skill gap while retaining the current workforce?   We all know that hiring and training new talent to replace an existing worker is expensive. As per Gallup, the cost of hiring an individual can range from one-half to two times the annual salary of an employee, which is again a rough estimate, and the numbers may be much higher.  Employers can stay competitive and keep people’s skills in sync with the changing work requirements by upskilling workers. As you reskill your team, you work toward creating a cross-trained and well-rounded workforce that can boost business productivity and efficiency. For instance,

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Why a Career in Security is the Next Big Thing?

Posted on May 10, 2021 by Paramita Dey | Comments(1)

Today, data is at the epicenter of every modern business decision-making. With the effective use of data, companies can make informed decisions based on statistical numbers, facts, and detailed insights. From startups to global conglomerates, data is significant for businesses of all sizes. Therefore, the data that a company collects, stores, and exchanges is undoubtedly an asset that needs to be protected from unauthorized access. [16:36] Anusha D Shanbhag

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Study Guide for Exam AI-102: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

Posted on April 26, 2021 by Paramita Dey | Comments(1)

As per recent reports, the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market is projected to reach $267 billion by 2027 which indicates that the world is gearing up for a future powered by AI. Candidates for Exam AI-102 (Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution) is responsible for building, managing, and deploying AI solutions leveraging Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Cognitive Services and Microsoft Bot Framework.

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