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Satyam Dhote

Satyam Dhote

Satyam Dhote is working as a Frontend Developer at Cloudthat. He has experience in MERN stack development. He is AWS Solution Architect certified. He has been working on development projects like Scheduler and OpenEdx. He loves working on the latest technologies and enjoys problem-solving.

Simplify Managing Application State with Javascript Library REACT-REDUX

Posted on March 22, 2022 by Satyam Dhote | Comments(0)

There are many popular libraries in JavaScript, and one of the most popular is React. React is based on a component-based approach which has made application development faster and easier. However, react is only the “View” part of the popular Model View Controller (MVC) framework. So, we need to keep track of the data while developing our application. Here, Redux comes into the picture and handles the application’s data flow from the backend of the application.

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