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Shivani Gandhi

Shivani Gandhi

Shivani Gandhi is a Research Associate (Kubernetes) at CloudThat technologies. She holds a master's degree in Computer Application. She is passionate about cloud computing and has a strong urge to learn new cloud-native technologies. She has experience in GCP & AWS and enjoys leveraging clients with efficient cloud-based solutions. She is adaptive, a good team player, and enjoys reading.

A Guide to Setup Kubernetes Dashboard on Amazon EKS Cluster

Posted on November 16, 2022 by Shivani Gandhi | Comments(0)

A Kubernetes dashboard is a web-based user interface for managing Kubernetes clusters. It facilitates the creation, viewing, and editing of resources (pods, deployments, replica sets, etc.). Kubernetes dashboard also displays basic resource usage information done by the workloads. It also enables us to create, deploy and scale any containerized application via the wizard. The dashboard allows us to monitor our cluster as well as create and modify individual Kubernetes resources. It allows us to easily manage all our cluster resources visually, without having to go to the command line.

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