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A N Srinidhi Gowda

A N Srinidhi Gowda

Srinidhi works as a Research Associate at CloudThat and enjoys writing technical blogs on cloud technologies like AWS and Azure. He is Microsoft an Azure Administration certified and AWS certified Associate Solution Architect. He has worked on several AWS projects and has a keen interest in learning new technologies, also loves to travel and explore new places.

2022 Trends: Serverless Computing

Posted on December 2, 2021 by A N Srinidhi Gowda | Comments(0)

‘The server is dead’ – while Cloud computing has been experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, we see several factors responsible for this, including the rise of mobile computing, increased maturity of cloud offerings, improved network performance, and more.   With its pay-as-you-go model being a significant factor, enterprise IT has increased adoption of the cloud where a customer pays for resources leased from the cloud provider only and could get as many resources as needed without the up-front cost. Unfortunately, the onus of scaling was left behind for developers and system designers, who usually used overprovisioning techniques to process sudden spikes in service requests.

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