Automated On-prem Active Directory User Creation using AWS Services

September 12, 2022 | Comments(0) |

AWS Solution Overview

The diagram below presents the automated On-prem AD user creation architecture you can build using the Solution’s implementation guide.


Hybrid User Creation using AWS Services

The automated On-prem AD user creation solution provides a highly-scalable, high-available, serverless solution for creating & managing Active Directory User and Groups using AWS Lambda and S3.

This solution enables the client to upload the user details in the S3 bucket and download the Active Directory user creation PowerShell script through S3 pre-signed URL, which is valid for only 24 Hours. The data at rest and in transit were encrypted using AWS services.

This automated the process of creating 1000+ users simultaneously. This solution eliminates the manual overhead of creating the users individually and assigning them to groups and the client can run the script whenever needed.

Solution Outcome

  • Hybrid User creation using AWS Services has simplified user account management, thereby the customer could have an automated application rostering process.
  • The solution was implemented with DevOps best practices with quicker feature release, increased availability, scalability, and security.

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