AWS Announces New Service – Amazon Workspaces

November 13, 2013 | Comments(0) |

AWS today released a new service called Amazon Workspaces to provide a “fully managed desktop computing service in the cloud”. The main use cases for this service is to provide a high-quality workstation environment with relative ease. Imagine you have a lot of remote employees that log in from their home; these employees can now be provided virtual desktop in AWS rather then having to have physical servers in the company premises where they log in and perform their tasks. Also useful when are training a large number of students and would want to quickly provision a workstation for each of them, only to release it at the end of the course. This can also help with security, as employees don’t store source code/database/or any sensitive data on the local machine and instead can use the workstations provided by this service.

Read more about it here :

How will you use this service? Is it going to be useful to you?

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