Can Cloud Security give you a Secure Career?

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2.The ABC of Cloud Security

3.What’s the buzz around #Cloudsecurity? 

4.Can these data breaches get you a job?

5.What do you need to become a ‘thalaiva’ in Cloud Security?



Do you still use those 1TB hard drives to store data? Do you still wait a day to watch the next episode or your favorite shows? Do you still go and buy DVDs to watch a movie? 

No right? Clouds have replaced hard drives, Netflix has taken over TV channels, and Google photos have replaced old photo albums. 

It is amazing how easily cloud technology sneaked into our lives. Be it entertainment, shopping, social media, or work, cloud computing has become an integral part of almost everything. 

But do you know that cloud security is an extremely crucial aspect of this technology? Imagine a hacker accessing your bank details from Amazon or Netflix and sweeping your entire account balance. 

No, we don’t want you to stop using these platforms. In fact, we know something that can help you build a career in cloud security. 

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The ABC of Cloud Security

Cloud security is basically the ‘Antivirus’ for cloud data. It includes the best practices, policies, and technologies to prevent unauthorized access to cloud data and data leaks. 

We use the cloud to share photographs with friends, companies use it to collaborate with employees for work, and governments to deliver online services. But while doing so, we are not usually aware of where and how our data is being stored. 

Complex cloud environments, rapid innovation, cloud compliance and governance, and human errors also contribute to comprising data safety. This gives hackers a large pool of data to exploit and poses a variety of security threats. 

What’s the buzz around #Cloudsecurity?

Data breaches in Uber, Rockstar Games, and American Airlines have made headlines in the second half of 2022. On a personal level too, you would have faced online data leaks, at one point or the other. 

While it takes just a few seconds for hackers to breach data, its long-tail cost impacts individuals and businesses for weeks, if not months. These costs include data loss, business disruption, revenue losses, and reputation damage. 

To talk numbers, cybercrimes are expected to cost the world around 10.5 trillion USD by 2025. This would mean the greatest economic wealth transfer in history. 

Thus, as the cloud becomes imperative to business operations, the need to secure cloud solutions is also pressing. Businesses need professionals who are aware of the complex landscape of cloud security and can define strategies to restrict data breaches. 

Can these data breaches get you a job?

Do you know there are around 3.5 million job vacancies in cloud security? 

Yes, cloud security careers are among the most prominent and rewarding career options of the day. (ISC)2’s 2021 Cloud Security Report noted that: 

  • 39% of security pros consider lack of talent in cybersecurity as the biggest impediment to adopting cloud services; and 
  • 49% of firms agree that lack of staff expertise is their biggest headache when it comes to securing cloud environments 

As such, this area is a great environment if you want to make a career in technology or advance your career and work with the world’s largest enterprises. With the right training, guidance, and skill sets, you can pitch for specialist jobs in a variety of critical cloud security roles in no time. 

What do you need to become a ‘thalaiva’ in Cloud Security?

To become a successful cloud security professional, you would require a range of technical skills, a good head for problem-solving, and a passion for the cloud. As most businesses operate on a few key platforms, you will need a strong experience in those as well. These basically include: 

  • Microsoft Azure 
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  • Google Cloud Platform 

To achieve this expertise, you need to earn certifications that say you are keeping pace with job roles and requirements. If stats are to be believed, certified teams for core IT activities (including cloud security) are 20% more productive than uncertified ones. 

Mind you, the status of these certifications varies in the industry. The ones accredited by popular tech giants like Microsoft Azure and AWS are more reliable and preferred by recruiters. 

CloudThat provides a variety of industry-recognized certifications in cloud security and other arenas of cloud computing. Explore our wide range of courses and kickstart your career in the cloud. 

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