Automated Security Service – AWS Inspector | Improve the Security and Compliance of your AWS Applications

Posted on June 23, 2022 by Aishwarya Joshi | Comments(0)

AWS Inspector is a service to test the network accessibility of your Amazon EC2 instance(s) and the security state of your applications that run on those instances. It assesses the target EC2 instance(s) and checks for vulnerabilities and potential security threats. To leverage Amazon Inspector, you need to install an agent on the target EC2 instance (s).

An Introduction to AWS Centralized logging, Architecture, and Pricing

Posted on June 22, 2022 by Aishwarya Joshi | Comments(13)

Organizations look to analyze their system logs to obtain valuable insights that can help with troubleshooting, security and compliance, and business insights. This solution will provide a secure infrastructure to automate log aggregation from multiple AWS accounts and regions so that developers and administrators can spend more time on actual log analysis.