7 Popular Opensource Tools for DevOps Practitioners & Their Benefits

Posted on June 16, 2022 by Chandani Maheshwari | Comments(0)

There are a many challenges that DevOps-driven organizations face. Moreover, it becomes increasingly perplexing as one expands and scales from a few servers to hundreds or thousands of servers spanning dozens of different services that must all be managed, secured, monitored, and updated on a regular basis. To overcome these fallouts, many organizations are relying on an ‘Open-Source Strategy.’  In today’s era, most of the tools are Open Source – from coding to monitoring to security to backups. The good news is DevOps Training Platform is now Opensource! This blog post explores various opensource tools that can be utilized in implementing best DevOps practices.

Why DevOps is Important? A Comprehensive Picture

Posted on May 16, 2022 by Kavyashree K | Comments(0)

Many individuals are unsure what DevOps is. “DevOps” is an acronym combining “development” and “operations.” It refers to a collection of practices that ensure effective collaboration and communication between the development and IT operations teams throughout the product development process.   What issues does DevOps address? It aims to improve software development, testing, deployment, management, and maintenance processes by streamlining, speeding them up, and increasing predictability, scalability, flexibility, and website security. This blog post discusses in a detailed way the intricacies of DevOps and how you can build a better career by learning the principles of DevOps.

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Maintaining GIT projects using Azure Repos

Posted on May 9, 2022 by Akshay Mishra | Comments(0)

Git is a widely used version control system that is distributed rather than centralized or only locally available. Git is extensively used to track, merge, and commit the files for your code deployments from small-scale to large-scale projects. GIT is a vital part of a DevOps lifecycle that helps the developers be updated while working on any project. Azure Repos helps maintain your code commits and pushes, as well as helps visually analyze your pull requests via a graphical interface and more.

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7 In-demand DevOps Skills to Nurture an IT Career

Posted on February 15, 2022 by Sridhar Immanni | Comments(16)

DevOps is a combination of two distinct fields: development and operations. Compared to traditional software development methodologies, this boosts the potential to launch software products more quickly, with faster changes and evolutions. The majority of businesses have taken initiatives on implementing DevOps principles. This ensures DevOps Engineers are one of the most sought-after professionals in the IT industry today. So, what are the talents that companies are seeking in a DevOps engineer? Let’s look at the most important DevOps talents that employers are looking for.

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