The revolution chip – ESP8266

Posted on April 14, 2016 by akashp | Comments(1)

  It looks like one has work dedicatedly with Arduino and decided to sit down on a Sunday afternoon to write his wish list to tooth fairy with everything he wanted to see in the next generation Micro Controller Unit, but instead of sending that wish list to Fairyland, it was sent to China, where the brilliant minds of Espressif materialized ESP2866, which come at a ridiculous price point of $3 – $6. Compared to the cost of Arduino’s Wi-Fi shield model, which cost you approximately $30!!! Now, lets talk about what is ESP8266? Well it is a tiny self-continued, low power and high performance system on chip (SoC) with the ability to communicate over TCP/IP network via antenna that’s etched on its circuit board (PCB). It comes with its own board processor, so it can actually function in complete autonomy, without an additional Arduino board. In the essence, it’s the Philosopher’s holy grail of the ‘Internet of Things’ age. In this article, I’ll explain the various factors for selection of variants available in the market and various factors required Lets Start!!! How to choose your ESP8266 Model? I know there many variations available in the market and it is

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