Resource level Permission for EC2

Posted on March 27, 2014 by Sankeerth Reddy | Comments(0)

Elastic Cloud Compute has proven to be a flagship service provided by Amazon Web Service where one could allocate and use powerful computing resources (EC2 Instances) with ease. Using EC2, one can perform complex operations like allocating virtual resources for development, testing, production with few clicks. As it is rightly said, with great power comes great responsibility, managing the resources and access to the resources is a vital task. The Identity and Access Management (IAM) module enables one to securely control access to AWS services and resources for users. Using IAM, one can create and manage AWS users and groups and use permissions to allow and deny their access to AWS resources. With enterprises opting AWS as their prefered cloud service provider, a higher granularity in user permission has become the need for the hour. For example, one would not want development or testing team to have permission to make changes to production instances which needs to be accessed only by specific trusted administrators. This granularity can be achieved by using Tag based permissions in user IAM access policies. Tag is a simple user defined key-value pair attached to a instance. By default, during launching an EC2 instance, one provides

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Preparing for CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam (CLO-001)

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CompTIA has launched certification exams for cloud computing called CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam (CLO-001). I recently appeared for the exam and I cleared it. CompTIA exam is very valuable to anybody trying to assess their understanding of what cloud computing is all about. This exam is truly unique as its vendor neutral and does not talk about a specific cloud offering. This certification is your first step to achieving the tag of being a “cloud guru”. Clearing this exam means that you understand the business requirements, technical requirements and the various limitations of the cloud environment. Why should professionals take CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam (CLO-001) This exam is very important and increasingly relevant for any professional who wants to venture into cloud computing as a career option. Companies from startups to SMEs to big corporations like Netflix and Intuit are moving huge chunks of their infrastructure on the cloud. This makes this certification a valuable asset for any professional looking to distinguish themselves in this crowded market. Who should take the CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam (CLO-001) The CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam (CLO-001) is designed for IT specialists, IT managers, business process owners and business analysts. The objective of the exam

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A typical day in the life of an Analyst

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One of the common thoughts in the minds of the new MBA is – how will my typical work day span out ? What will I be doing for 8 hours a day , 40 hours a week if I were to make a career in Analytics? Analytics is a relatively ‘young’ area of work. It has evolved and expanded 100 fold in the last 10 years as more and more companies and their top managements have become convinced about the immense value it adds to decision making. In this increasingly complex marketplace, where net and mobile technologies are adding into the conventional brick and mortar economy, and the life of data is becoming short (i.e., data which is very old is not usable), analytics is becoming increasingly useful and moving from the fringes towards the mainstream w.r.t business decisions. This, of course, spells increased requirement for analytics talent. It also increases the responsibility of success and failure to correct and timely decisions made using analytics. In short, the analyst (used loosely to define the analytics fraternity) has many choices in the workplace and can decide which role to play in his career. Broadly the roles can be segregated into

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Cloud computing has arrived and it is time now to welcome the change with open arms before the phenomenon starts looming like a dark cloud waiting to break into a storm over the unprepared. There is a general indecisiveness over shifting entirely to the cloud. This is fueled by factors which if identified seem like a weak basis to make decisions upon. Some of them are: Employees working on legacy spaghetti who have little or no awareness of how cloud works or sense a threat to job security if their employers shift to cloud computing Top Management don’t have examples to follow and study in terms of resource utilization efficiency, cost minimization and improvement in data security. The non existence of a standardized procedure for implementation of the cloud, undefined legalities and regulations. The general lack of understanding and knowledge in terms of what the cloud is, how it works, how data is stored without having a specific physical location. If these can be called disadvantages the advantages overcome them many times over. An interesting info-graphic from wikibon below can help us see that. The ramifications of delaying moving to cloud will be severe as when cloud takes over, and it

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Is Analytics the right career for you ? 5 points that help you decide

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So you want to work with an IBM, HP, Accenture, Genpact etc. in the latest field of ‘Analytics’ or ‘Data Science’ and you want to be absolutely sure if this is the career for you ? Check out these 5 questions that you should answer to make this decision .( If you have a YES for 3 out of these 5 questions and an OK for 2, then Analytics is a viable the career option for you .) Do you believe that data should be the basis of all decisions? :- Take up Analytics only if your answer to this questions is an unequivocal YES . Analytics is the process of using and analysing large quantum of data (numbers, text, images etc.) to aggregate it , visualise / create dashboards on it , check repetitive trends and create models on which decision scan be made . And only people who innately believe in the power of data will excel in this field. Incase some prediction / analysis is wrong , the attitude of a good analyst is that it is because the data was not appropriate for that analysis or the technique used was incorrect . He/ she will never

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What is Analytics? What does a Data Analyst do?

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A large number of students / young professionals ask this to me. Especially when they see the articles from Mckinsey stating Analytics is the next big thing in business and that there is a substantial shortage of manpower. (…/McKinsey/…/MGI_big_data_full_report.ash ) Or when  Harvard Business Review takes out an article saying ‘Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century’ ( ) Analytics is simply the use of numbers to decide on business problems / situations.Thus, in a world where there are huge ERP systems, Internet information, Mobile apps etc.  there is a large volume of data that is created and stored by an organisation .  The old way of work was – if you need to make a decision, call the person who has experience in that area and take his advice. Was it the best way? Perhaps not, because human beings develop biases basis the atmosphere / situations / education they have been subject to. Also, it has been found that though a human being can effectively judge the effect of one factor on an outcome, he /she finds it difficult when the number of factors are many and the data is huge. Better decisions are made with the

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Launching AWS Certification Bootcamp Course in Bangalore

Posted on June 12, 2013 by Bhavesh Goswami | Comments(2)

  I have received many a request to launch a course for AWS certification. Today I am excited to announce that we have launched a course “AWS Certification Bootcamp – Level 3“. This course will focus on providing deep hands-on knowledge to working professionals who would want to learn more about designing and develop highly scalable, available, cost efficient solutions on top of AWS. Also this course is designed to empower you to clear the AWS Certification. The first batch in Bangalore is on 29-30th June (Sat-Sunday). More information about the course can be found here. Feel free to email Srikant ( for more info about the training. More info about the AWS Certification can be found here.