DevOps: A new horizon for your career

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2.DevOps for Dummies

3.The buzz around DevOps 

4.DevOps in your Career Bucket 

5.Your first steps toward DevOps 



When the COVID pandemic was pushing bosses to adopt the work-from-home policy, the need for collaboration and information exchange across teams created a fuss. And the April 2020 data released by the Research Innovation Council read that aloud. 

According to it, around 40% of organizations identify a lack of agile culture as the main culprit behind the technological challenges faced. 

Wondering why we are discussing that? 

Because this figure can add some extra zeroes to your pay checks. (Yes, we mean it) 

Don’t believe us? Well, read on then. 

DevOps for Dummies

DevOps is a fusion of information software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops). Yes, it finally brought together the ‘India’ and ‘Pakistan’ of software development (with peace of course😉). 

What happened next? 

The deployment of applications became faster and smoother. Also, it made the sharing of ideas, knowledge, processes, metrics, and technologies quite easy. By doing so, it added some free hours to technical staff’s workdays and more innovation and value to enterprises. 

Elements like continuous integration, automatic deployment, infrastructure automation, and version control comprise the common starting points of DevOps.  

The buzz around DevOps

DevOps is spreading across the market like wildfire. Organizations are realizing the potential of distributed work environments and adapting to DevOps. The DevOps market which stood at 3709.1 million in 2018 is projected to cross 14,960 USD by 2026. That’s a whooping CAGR of 19.1%. 

What are the ABCDs of this growth? 

  • A boom in efficiency – By managing engineering processes throughout, DevOps deploys software in a more reliable and secure manner 
  • Finetuned businesses – It forces organizations to be more adaptive and data-driven to align with customer and business needs 
  • Software deployment with a swish and flick – By improving lead time, deployment frequency, change fail, time to restore, and availability, DevOps ensures the delivery of reliable software 
  • No unnecessary operations – By automating production and pre-production systems, it gets businesses and people to focus on other important tasks than rectifying errors 

DevOps in your Career Bucket

The uptick in DevOps adoption has made enterprises hunt for DevOps professionals like rare jewels. As such, it has become one of the most promising and rewarding careers of the day. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the DevOps domain is expected to grow at a rate of 22% till 2030. This means, every year, you will have around 1.5 lakh job roles to apply for. 

Also, the pay checks of DevOps professionals are something to go for. The average annual base salary of DevOps professionals in the US is between 125000 USD to 300,000 USD, according to Builtin. This is much more than old-school IT job roles that pay you 105,000 USD a year, on average. 

And that’s not all! 

With the right qualifications, training, and skills, you can chart your DevOps career in any direction you want. Be it business or product, your job requirements will stay pretty much the same. 

Amazed? We bet you are 😛 

Your first steps toward DevOps

There is no Google map to show you the way into a DevOps career. However, the right certification and training can fuel your journey. 

Let’s check out what you need to pack for the way: 

  • A thorough understanding of Web Development, Linux, and Java fundamentals 
  • Knowledge of DevOps automation tools like CI/CD and IAS 
  • A well-structured and industry-recognized training course 

Mind you, the status of DevOps certifications varies in the industry. Certifications issued by any and every institution won’t lure recruiters. They prefer to hear it from popular tech giants. 

DevOps certifications accredited by biggies like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are more reliable when it comes to fetching jobs. 

So, where do you get it from? 

CloudThat provides industry-recognized DevOps certifications recognized by Microsoft Azure, AWS, and VMWare.  We offer live instructor-led training and expert guidance proficient in DevOps tools like Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, Git, Jenkins, and more.   

Explore our range of courses here! 


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