Eucalyptus 3.4: What to look out for?

March 5, 2014 | Comments(0) |

There is no second thought to the fact that when it comes to developing apps for AWS, Eucalyptus is the most preferred private cloud platform. And with the new release of Eucalyptus (3.4) there are more enhancements available now for cloud administrators.

  • Manage AWS from Eucalyptus Dashboard
  • Improved S3 API support ensures no modification is required for working with Eucalyptus Walrus.
  • SDK set has also been expanded now for increased AWS compatibility.
  • No need for kernal and ramdisk images
  • Create images from running instances
  • Convert VMware and AWS images to Eucalyptus images
  • Validate uploaded images before publishing
  • Maintenance mode & Warm Upgrades for zero downtime maintenance tasks on your Eucalyptus cloud
  • Get increased high availability through improved error detection, control of primary service assignments and manual failover



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