Factors to consider Before Choosing a Cloud Consultant for Your Business

October 4, 2022 | Comments(0) |

The industry is flooded with companies offering advisory services for cloud computing. CIOs are having trouble deciding which cloud solution would be best for their industry. By the end of 2020, the market for public cloud services was worth around $383 billion, per Gartner’s prediction. Additionally, the need for cloud computing keeps surging the demand for top-notch consultants.  

Nowadays, most of us enjoy and utilize cloud computing courses in some capacity, whether it be for Gmail or to back up images on our smartphones to the cloud. As storage was always an issue, it is even starting to be the default choice for many programs. It is never easy for a person to maintain all of their essential information saved with the rising transformation. Cloud users may access all data without taking up much space on the server, according to a straightforward concept.  

The necessity for cloud computing solutions and cloud consulting services has grown due to the COVID-19 epidemic since it has allowed us to stay in touch with friends and family. For company continuity, cloud computing is now a must. Companies are utilising cloud services extensively to meet their business objectives.   

How to Choose a Cloud Consultant for One’s Business:  

The cloud IT consultant shouldn’t be constrained when looking for the finest solutions for the company. An unbiased source that explores the entire spectrum can provide an original idea. For each tool on the platform, they must be familiar with AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean, and open-space alternatives.  

Proven Background:  

A critical inquiry from HR before employing any employee is regarding the number of years of experience. Asking the specialist from the cloud consultancy, a lot of questions can help one learn more about their experience and the types of tasks they can handle. One gains invaluable knowledge about the consultant’s working style, skill set, and technical proficiency from this sort of step-by-step discussion related to past experiences.   

Review of prior projects:  

Service Level Agreements (SLA) – A set of papers relating to services, standards, terms, and conditions is known as a service level agreement (SLA). SLAs and anticipated response times must be understood since they can make or break project membership costs. The project’s timetable has to be specified explicitly and should match their expectations and aims. As a result, one will have mental freedom in exchange for a monthly subscription fee.  


The process of transferring data to the cloud and sharing it there is governed by several laws. Big cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft offer HIPAA compliance. Still, there are also specialists like Armor (previously Fire host) and True vault, whose entire focus is on HIPAA, so the cloud consultancy should have a solid understanding of these regulations. Therefore, a consultant should keep abreast of any new laws or regulations that may have an impact on the data.  

Effective Security Measures:  

Security is only one of the numerous benefits of hiring a cloud specialist for the company. It is at the top of any company’s list of worries. One should verify the security precautions they have put in place to safeguard their data at the network and server levels.  

Think long-term: 

It’s not a forklift operation to migrate to the cloud; one needs a service provider with a close relationship to their business. As a result, compatibility should be set up so that it endures for many years. As they progress, these sophisticated programmes need support and improvement. Therefore, a service provider needs to remain accessible to them in the future for technical help. They should have a clear vision for how the business will adapt to developments in the future.  

It’s becoming increasingly evident as the digital era progresses that the proverb “knowledge is power” has evolved into the more appropriate and contemporary phrase “data is money.” CloudThat provides these cloud computing services for the longer game with their Industry presence. CloudThat is a prominent consulting and training services provider of cloud computing courses.   

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