How to Prepare Your Team for Cloud Certifications

October 20, 2022 | Comments(0) |

The popularity of cloud computing services has skyrocketed in recent years, with over 84% of organizations relying on the cloud for scalability and accessibility. However, what remains a concern is the growing shortage of qualified tech experts who can work efficiently with cloud applications. 

Therefore, to address the widening skills gap and ensure the timely completion of cloud projects, many companies are investing in cloud certifications to create the right pool of skilled cloud talent who can meet the evolving job roles in the domain and fulfill business expectations. 

Building Cloud-Ready Workforce with Certifications 

In a time when the cloud computing industry is already experiencing a talent shortage, professional certifications come as a savior as it helps nurture internal talent instead of hiring from outside. Cloud computing certifications not only ensure your team has the required skills and knowledge to work with advanced cloud technologies but also helps with reducing hiring and onboarding cost by empowering your existing workforce to fill open positions. 

By investing in cloud certification, you are providing your employees with professional development opportunities and ensuring uninterrupted business operations that might have been delayed due to a shortage of the right skills. 

However, your role as an employer doesn’t end with investing in employee learning and development programs. You need to walk the extra mile and make additional efforts to ensure your team follows the right learning path to successfully clear certification exams.  

Here is what you can do to prepare your employees for cloud certifications: 

Help Employees Create their Learning Paths 

Certification paths exist for every technical job role in the cloud computing space. All the popular cloud giants like Microsoft, AWS, and Google offer different role-based certifications ranging from associate level to advanced level, along with specialty certifications. So based on their level of expertise and job requirements, your employees must choose their level of accreditation, creating their learning paths for the best outcome. 

When you have a trusted cloud training partner, it’s easy for technology leaders like you to outline the necessary skills or courses your team would require and encourage them to work towards their learning goals. 

Trust Authorized Cloud Training Providers Only 

Amidst the ongoing talent crunch when companies struggle to find qualified tech experts, employee upskilling and reskilling should no longer be considered or viewed as a work perk. Instead, companies must take employee learning and development on cloud technologies seriously and try nurturing internal talent with the right skilling opportunities to fill tech needs. 

However, enrolling your employees in some crash course or a workshop with just any training provider isn’t the right practice. When selecting a cloud training provider for your organization, always ensure you don’t fall prey to misleading claims and promises. Always trust authorized learning partners of AWS, GCP, Azure, and other leading cloud platforms with employee cloud training. 

You can always reach out to the CloudThat team for a customized cloud training program aligned with your business goals and objectives to upskill all levels of employees within your organization.  

Make Way for Employee Study Time                        

In most cases, employees refrain from upskilling or learning new skills because they are overburdened with work and hardly have extra time to study and prepare for certifications. Managers or team leaders must support their team members in their certification journey by allowing them time to learn and reducing work pressure during the preparation process.  

For instance, managers can work with team members preparing for certification and help them predict the workload and schedule the exam accordingly to let them prepare without any professional tension. 

Discuss Professional Goals with Team Members  

Certifications are a great way to start professional development conversations with your team. If you know that anyone from your team has just completed a certification or is about to take one, then leverage this opportunity to start a conversation around their career plans and long-term professional goals or what they plan to achieve by getting certified. 

Do regularly check with your team and encourage them to earn cloud certifications, as it not only boosts their career but also makes them an asset to any organization. 

Final Thought 

As cloud computing technologies continue to evolve, professional certifications that guarantee skills and knowledge to work on a given cloud solution are becoming increasingly crucial for individuals and organizations. 

A cloud-certified workforce signifies your commitment to knowledge excellence and a deeper understanding of cloud offerings, which in turn helps build brand credibility and win customer loyalty. Knowledge and skills gained from different cloud certification areas are imperative for businesses that want to grow and stay ahead of the competition. 

If your company is looking to build a certified, skilled, and highly trained team of cloud experts, contact CloudThat to learn how we can help get your team certified with the best training available.  


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