Red Hat CloudForms – A Cloud Management Platform for OpenStack & More

May 29, 2014 | Comments(2) |

OpenStack is great but it is not an Operating System in itself. It is a group of components with a modular architecture that uses an underlying Operating System like Red Hat Enterprise Linux to provide cloud capabilities. And although it has components that provide great cloud features, it needs a management platform to provide capabilities like self-service, service catalog, chargeback, workload life-cycle process, integration with public clouds & a change management process to name some of them.

Further most companies today or in the near future will be using a heterogeneous Cloud environment, where the workloads will be distributed across different virtualization & cloud vendors (Private or Hybrid) like AWS, OpenStack, VMware etc. So you need a management platform that can manage all of them together.

Red Hat’s CloudForms

Red Hat’s CloudForms provides this (I won’t say complete but its evolving good & fast) management platform to manage cloud resources across private & hybrid deployments. It also let’s you transform your virtual infrastructure (e.g. VMware) into a private cloud and with release 3.0 it now supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform as well.

For those of you using Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2, CloudForms also let’s you integrate it as an extension of your data center and manage workloads running on AWS from a unified console.


So this means you can now orchestrate and automate much of the behavior of the workloads running on your Red Hat OpenStack implementation.

Let’s see some of its benefits

  • Self-service provisioning using policies, roles, quota enforcement and chargeback
  • Ensure availability and performance using resource orchestration
  • Optimal use of resources using policies
  • Workflows for automated provisioning of resources
  • Granular control over workloads
  • Unified monitoring and management
  • Proactive planning using simulation of a what-if scenario
  • Capacity planning based on usage, trends & analytics


I will be writing more about it in some of the future blogs. If you liked this post, please share and stay tuned for more articles around OpenStack.


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2 Responses to “Red Hat CloudForms – A Cloud Management Platform for OpenStack & More”

  1. rania

    Hi , So I need to know if I have openstack cluster running and I want to migrate some of My vms in Cloud public like AWS ,So it can be the solution “CloudForms” or not !!!

    • Sangram Rath

      Red Hat CloudForms by itself cannot, but it integrates well with Ansible automation and writing a playbook will get you what you want.


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