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1. Overview
2. Defining Amazon CodeGuru
3. Workflow of Amazon CodeGuru
4. Benefits of Amazon CodeGuru
5. Use Cases of Amazon CodeGuru
6. Conclusion
7. About CloudThat
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While developing an application, developers generally get entangled in fixing minor errors that vital issues get left out. When writing thousands of lines of code, it is easy to make minor errors or repeat areas of code that are tough to track down.

As a result, Amazon CodeGuru relieves developers of the task of checking code quality and tracking errors, allowing them to focus more on application development.

Defining Amazon CodeGuru

Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool that makes intelligent recommendations to improve code quality and identify the most expensive lines of code in an application. CodeGuru Reviewer and CodeGuru Profiler are two services offered by Amazon CodeGuru. When CodeGuru is installed on a previously developed software code, the CodeGuru Reviewer service automates code reviews throughout the development process, followed by regular monitoring of the application’s performance in production via the CodeGuru Profiler service.

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer finds flaws in users’ pull requests and provides inline recommendations. The CodeGuru Profiler notifies users when their code causes the CPU to over-utilize resources.

Significant functions of Amazon CodeGuru include:

a) Reviewer

  • Examines source code for flaws and bugs, then fixes them
  • It does not necessitate any additional costs
  • Requests to make small changes to the code to meet quality criteria

b) Profiler

  • Responsible for application performance optimizations, including finding and fixing the most “costliest” lines of code
  • Reduce computational costs while boosting application performance
  • Analyzes an application’s runtime behavior and generates visual recommendations for lowering CPU usage

Workflow of Amazon CodeGuru

Amazon codeguru


Benefits of Amazon CodeGuru

  • Improve the quality of your code right away by monitoring it on a regular basis
    The CodeGuru Reviewer service automatically evaluates updated codes and posts recommendations for each pull request that is initiated.
  • Problems are decoded before they reach the production environment
    The CodeGuru Reviewer service evaluates existing codebases in the repository and accurately detects hard-to-find flaws and major issues.
  • Suggestions for enhancing security
    The CodeGuru reviewer finds security flaws in the top ten OWASP categories and recommends best practices for your code. When the security detector finds a fault, it makes a correction recommendation and offers evidence for why it thinks the code should be improved.

Use Cases of Amazon CodeGuru

  • It is used to troubleshoot performance concerns
    Amazon CodeGuru Profiler evaluates runtime data from users’ applications to help them optimize CPU and memory usage and troubleshoot performance issues, resulting in lower latency and throughput.
  • It aids in determining what is causing the app’s poor performance and how to correct it
    Amazon CodeGuru is a website that helps people learn how to code. Profiler detects irregularities in the performance of critical methods in the application stack that start utilizing more CPU or display growing latency using its updated anomaly detection reports every five minutes
  • It aids in obtaining the most costly line of code Amazon CodeGuru Profiler provides visualizations and recommendations for resolving performance issues, allowing users to save up to 50% on running costs. The less expensive their code and application are to execute, the more efficient they are.


In addition, CodeGuru’s training has benefited from the contributions of tens of thousands of Amazon developers. As a result, it is based on decades of code review and application profiling knowledge.

The Automated Code Review concept appeals to most developers, and even modest amounts of time saved or problems avoided are valuable. As a result, current editors such as Eclipse Neon or Visual Studio Code already give code aid in the form of auto-completion and auto-formatting, as well as coding assistance with frequent problems. If you attempt coding in Notepad without this kind of assistance, you’ll quickly realize how useful it is.

If you have any queries about Amazon CodeGuru, Reviewer, and Profiler, drop them in the comment section and I will get back to you quickly. 

About CloudThat

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Q1. What is the primary capability of Amazon CodeGuru?

A. To enhance the quality of the code, Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer employs machine learning and automated reasoning to spot fundamental problems and hidden defects throughout application development.

Q2. What source code repositories and programming languages are supported?

A. The Java and Python source code housed in GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, and AWS CodeCommit repositories is now supported by Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer.

Q3. Which application categories may I profile?

A. Apps hosted on Amazon EC2, containerized applications running on Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS, and serverless applications running on AWS Fargate and AWS Lambda are all compatible with Amazon CodeGuru Profiler. Additionally, you can use Amazon CodeGuru Profiler locally.

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