Capability Development Framework: What can Organizations Do to Build Employee Capability?

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According to a recent report, over 74% of workers are willing to learn new skills or re-skill to stay competitive and remain employable. Henceforth, an increasing number of employees are looking for companies that can invest in their workplace learning and skill development.  

With employee turnover reaching sky-high, now is the time that HR leaders and L&D managers to take employee training seriously and consider building employee capability as a top priority to boost team performance and increase employee retention. 

What is Employee Capability Building? 

Capability building at the workplace is all about developing employees’ knowledge and skill base based on their current skill set, job role, and long-term business objectives through employee learning and development initiatives in addition to multiple other ways.  

The importance of cultivating a workplace that felicitates employee growth through talent nurturing is undeniable. Enterprises that invest in building competent teams run more efficiently and generate higher returns. While there are many ways companies can adopt to put capability building into practice, here are seven of the significant ones that you should include in your capability training program for maximum success: 

Assign Skill-Based Tasks 

Letting your team work on challenging yet attainable assignments that stretch their abilities and help them achieve long-term goals in a shorter time is much appreciated. However, ensure that you provide the team with the necessary resources and support they need throughout the process to complete the task without any difficulties. 

However, a common mistake that most managers make is assigning tasks to employees that don’t match employee goals and their existing skill set. This lack of consideration may lead to hard feelings about the employer and impact the work performance. 

Include Trust-building Opportunities  

As a company head or manager, it is your top priority to make your team members trust your managerial abilities and the organization. Make them believe their success is essential to you, and you want to make the best efforts to encourage their growth. It is crucial to treat your team with dignity, respect, and equality, demonstrating that you value them for their work. 

The responsibility of building trust is upon you, and you can do that by providing your development opportunities to workers and avoiding bias or unequal treatment. For instance, do not focus only on the best team members; let every employee grow. This will boost team morale and win employee trust. 

Encourage Collaboration 

Team collaboration can help every employee discover unknown skills and let them nurture their expertise naturally together with colleagues. Effective collaboration initiates a strong sense of responsibility within the team as they network and collaborate to work on a common business challenge. 

 So, make sure to include collaboration in your capability-building program to encourage peer-to-peer learning, team bonding, and internal networking at the workplace. 

Provide Personalized Training Programs 

While developing employee upskilling programs, make sure that you are clear aboutwhat employee capabilities you want to build, what would be their learning styles and the different areas you want to focus on, and let your specific team members grow.  

Knowing individual upskilling needs and offering them customized corporate training programs aligned to their specific skill set and learning style can help develop the right skills in the right employee.  

Encourage Hands-On Learning 

Most people learn best through a learning-by-doing approach. Experiential learning comes with a lot of benefits for corporate learners. This type of employee learning solutionoffers your employees hands-on experiences so that they can connect theories and skills learned to real-world situations through simulated projects. 

Emphasize Long-Term Goals 

Remember building employee capability is an ongoing process that centers around long-term goals. Don’t expect changes to happen overnight. If you want your employees to grow alongside your organization, do not focus on short-term tasks that fail to unlock your team’s full potential.  

So, What is CloudThat’s Capability Development Framework? 


CloudThat’s Capability Development Framework for organizations is a proprietary holistic learning solution that can transform your employees into highly efficient and project-ready billable resources within 1- 60 days. We offer all levels of Microsoft Azure, AWS, and VMware certification training fitted into a customized and result-driven learning framework in accordance with unique business objectives.

The framework comprises hands-on assessments, hackathons, and real-world case studies to enhance the cloud skills of the enterprise workforce and support an organization’s transition to the cloud. This platform is mapped with our “Exam-Ready” platform, which can automatically assess participants’ hands-on skills in real time without human intervention.  

From freshers to executive levels, our Capability Development Framework has been designed to cater to the diverse upskilling needs of the enterprise workforce based on their job roles, profiles, and responsibilities. 

Final Thought 

Capability building is an essential ingredient of a company’s growth recipe. Not only does it foster healthy workplace morale, but it also increases employee retention rates. 

Do you want to build the capability of your workforce? 

Enroll your employees for CloudThat’s Capability Development Framework to transform them into project-ready billable resources.  

Reach our team to know more! 


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