What to Expect and How to Clear the Lab-Based Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-100

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Microsoft recently released new role-based certifications for Azure. These are named as AZ-100, AZ-101, (AZ-200, AZ-201) AZ-203*, AZ-300, and AZ-301. If you need more information about the entire series, then read more about them here New Role-based Azure Certification & Training Tracks from Microsoft.

*Update: AZ-203 (single exam) has been replaced by AZ -200 & AZ-201.

Microsoft Azure Certification logo AZ-100

What is AZ-100 Certification All About?

AZ-100 is for Azure Administrators, who manage Cloud services spanning across storage, security, networking, active directory and other areas.

While creating and maintaining IT infrastructure, administrators need to have practical knowledge of the entire lifecycle. Hence, this certification exam also contains hands-on labs … yeah seriously 🙂

New Lab-Based Certification Pattern, Speed is the Key!!

AZ-100 Certification Pattern

There will be approximately 53 questions and 180-minutes to solve them. This 180 minutes time slot also include the time needed to perform two labs (8 to 10 task each).

You have to be very quick while reading these questions and case study scenarios to deduce answers.

My Experience:

  1. During my certification exam, a total number of 53 questions came. These 53 questions included 2 case studies (with approximately 15 questions combined), 38 miscellaneous questions and two labs (with 18 sub tasks in total).
  2. You cannot skip the case study / lab to do it later. Examination goes in a sequence.
  3. Regarding Lab: One virtual environment opened in the browser. Labs needed to be done in the provided Azure portal. Usernames & passwords to access Azure portal were present on the screen. However, I had to type them as copy / paste functionality was disabled.

Type of Questions

  1. Scenario based single answer question
  2. Case studies with 5 to 9 following questions
  3. Picture-based single answer
  4. Multiple choice questions
  5. Arrange in the correct sequence type questions. They will be based on some task that has to be performed. Like, steps to take the Azure backup.
  6. Fill in the blank based drag drop questions

What to Expect and Prepare For?

  1. Manage Azure subscription and resource (15–20%)
  2. Implement and manage storage (20–25 %)
  3. Deploy and manage virtual machines (20–25 %)
  4. Configure and manage virtual networks (15–20 %)
  5. Manage Identities (15–20 %)

Sub topics can be found in the official AZ-100 certification description page. For the preparation, I recommend official Azure documentation. However, if you want to boot your preparation, then please reach out to us here.

For more details kindly check following course details:

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