Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Growth

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According to research published by reputable firms, Artificial Intelligence is expected to boost the overall economic output rate within the next four-decade, leading to creation of a wide spectrum of opportunities that generates new value and reinforce new professional roles for individuals who help drive growth in business.


Countries such as Singapore, the United States, Finland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Japan, and India are at the forefront of artificial intelligence’s adoption curve. All of the countries mentioned above are expected to experience a positive 1.67 % growth within the next several decades, thanks to the widespread adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.


Opting for ai and ml courses in India allows an organization to leverage technically-equipped professionals who have mastered the modern artificial intelligence and machine learning tech stack – to boost productivity and profits.

Experts who have successfully qualified for machine learning course online can employ intelligent automation and drive growth beyond traditional automation solutions standards.

Professional who is certified by an artificial intelligence course online platform can also help diffuse innovation across the board and stimulate new levels of human creativity driven by AI and ML.

ML/ AI allows enterprises to augment labor and capital to efficiently employ workforce and capital assets under a single domain or industry.

Improving Business problems

Artificial Intelligence is expected to address the issues faced by most large-scale economies due to slower GDP growth.

Within the last few decades, the productivity graph on a national level has taken a deep nose dive, in other words, weakened. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are being developed to address the productivity problem on a global scale.

According to market research analysts, the marginal capital efficiency metric is significantly fallen within the last five decades. AI algorithms help allocate resources efficiently across multi-capital assets class.

Numerous developed nations are facing serious productivity problems due to the rapidly aging workforce. In fact, countries are now actively dealing with this problem as the birth rates slow down and a majority of their working populations retire. Advanced algorithms, robots, and automation help address this problem in the most efficient and smart way possible.

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