Why Is It Important for a Business to Upskill Employees with Upcoming Advanced Technologies?

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With enterprises embracing digital transformation at a global scale and advanced technology pervading almost every aspect of a business, it will come as no surprise to know that employee upskilling is fast becoming the norm.

Recent studies indicate that 91% of companies, and subsequently 81% of employees, feel that upskilling has increased their motivation and engagement in their respective job roles. Moreover, a quick run-through of the history of technology will reveal that new and advanced technology has almost always created new jobs. 

If the result of an invention was the loss of one specific job role, it does not invalidate the fact that the same invention has led to the creation of several other job roles. This just goes to show that potential candidates and existing employees need to develop a particular set of skill sets to be fit enough for such positions.

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The Benefits of Upskilling

Here are some of the benefits of upskilling employees with the latest technologies:

1. Provide relevant training

Businesses need to up their game and provide employees with the training necessary to develop their technological skills. If not, they would have to take the challenging and extremely competitive route of recruiting top talent to make up for the lack of skills.

2. Bridge the skill gaps

Going by the figures, 2019 alone saw 80% of company heads stating that they were concerned about the skill gaps in their organization, as opposed to the 56% who found it worrying back in 2011. And these are just the statistics of the pre-pandemic era.

3. Increase in demand

The demand for upskilling courses has increased even more as a result of the pandemic and the ensuing work-from-home situation worldwide. While technology gets rid of mundane, repetitive tasks, it is also creating a sleuth of job requisites that require a specific set of skills. Internet giants and conglomerates such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce have introduced a variety of programs to upskill their workforce to become more adept at technology  

Aside from increasing employee satisfaction, performance, and morale, upskilling the workforce with the knowledge of advanced technology ensures that businesses stay ahead of their competitors.

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Upskilling Strategies for Businesses

There are several technologies out there that companies can adopt in order to make their processes digitized, secure, and, most importantly, cost-effective. Cloud Computing services such as the one offered by Amazon (AWS Cloud Services) and DevOps technologies are supreme examples that businesses can utilize.

But before companies begin to structure such programs and courses for their employees, they would have to first identify the skill gaps in their organization. It is critical for businesses to ensure that the upskilling is relevant to their industry, niche, and the product and/or services they provide.

In addition, companies must develop a strategy keeping in mind that it would bring about positive changes – both short and long-term – within their organization. Upskilling comprises addressing a lack of skills that is specific to each employee in a company. Thus, the overall strategy should emphasize giving personal attention to the strengths and areas of improvement of every member of the workforce.

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Wrapping Up

Without a doubt, upskilling employees via expert training and certification courses, especially to do with Cloud Computing technology, is going to impact businesses in several ways.

If you are looking to provide your employees with valuable knowledge about Cloud Computing, CloudThat offers a number of certification and training courses that will equip them with the skills they need to grow.

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